Red Velvet sewalong, I’m in the Esme house!

I just entered the Red Velvet sewalong at Cake Pattern’s, yay!!

I might be a little too excited, I know, but this is the first time I participate in a Sewalongand I’m really really happy! 🙂

I bought the Red Velvet collection in PDF format and to join the sewalong I entered my email address and the Etsy transaction number here as a “.pdffer”

The sewalong will start on November, 11 and finish on November 25.

After seeing this dress made by EvieJ I decided that I want a ponte knit dress too, I really like the end result. I’d love to make one in purple but I just realized that I haven’t any LBD, so this might be the perfect occasion to stitch one!

I already have some fabric to make a Red Velvet dress and I meant to sew it over the past few days, but the weather has changed a lot since last week, it was still summer and all of a sudden I had to take out the duvet (I’m longing for a duvet day now but as a mom, that would happen only if I was ill… VERY ill).  So I realized that I needed a coat more than a dress. I’ll show you, I promise, I have to hem it first but is almost ready and can’t wait to wear it.

After that I’ll try to sew a RV but my sewing list is so long that I might not be able to make one for a while, especially because my daughter need to be served first!

That’s all for today, let me know in which house you are, I can’t wait to find out who’s in my team! 🙂

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