Farbenmix Karla coat and Kids clothes week

Yesterday in the afternoon I managed to finish a Farbenmix Karla balloon coat for my daughter.

It was the first time I sewed something from a Farbenmix pattern and I totally loved it, it is well drafted and I love the design.

Since my cheeky monkey is a bit on the chubby side and she’s very tall for her age, I decided to go up a size but I might have used her actual size because the jacket is really generous, the length is almost perfect though  as this is supposed to be a knee-length coat. I took pictures from above her head but it hits just a little below her knee.

Since it took me some time to stitch this coat, I’m happy it is so generous because I hope my cheeky monkey will wear it for a couple of winters at least.

The pattern is not for complete beginners but it’s not too difficult either. I would say it is a bit time consuming, especially if you opt for adding ribbons and appliqué as I did and it is a bit challenging, but if you love challenges and this is not the first time you sew clothes, than go for it!

I used some waterproof resin coated cotton for the shell, I bought it form an Italian online store  at a bargain price. It was a little difficult to gather but otherwise lovely to sew.


For lining I used a double sided fleece I got from here, it is really warm and cuddly and my daughter loves it. Ribbons also come from the same shop.


My daughter requested an owl appliqué, I drafted the owl and used some light brown minky for the body, brown fleece for wings, wool blend felt for beak and eyes which I then embroidered. I bought some really nice ribbon from Seamstar last year and I still had some left, so I decided to use it to add a cute ribbon on the owl ear.


The coat comes with its own hood which is ready but I ran out of buttons so I’ll have to wait until market day to get them.

Taking pictures of my little model is not that easy, she can’t stand still and she’s always making faces. Today she was grumpy because I told her a lie (or what she thought was a lie, really) but I decided to add this picture because it makes me laugh LOL


When I ordered fleece for the coat, I ordered some lovely cotton jersey too and two meters of cotton nicky velour in red and fuchsia because there is free shipping for orders over 95 Euro. I’m supposed to make leggings and dresses and a couple of hoodies with all that fabric but lately I feel like my days are shorter than usual and the Karla coat took me *forever* to finish.

Luckily EvieJ posted something earlier today over at Pendle stitches and I discovered that this is the Kids Clothes week.

Well, this is just what I needed to get started (ahem, no, I need much more but I need a reason not to find more excuses LOL)

She needs some new leggings, I used the Go to Leggings before and I like them enough to use the pattern again, even though I’m waiting for Steph to release Cake patterns girl leggings.

Then I’ve got my TNT dress pattern, it is the Go To Signature Dress. I made at least 10 dresses from this pattern so far and they are all different and lovely so I’m using it again, until the above mentioned Steph releases her kid collection! 🙂

I bought the Ananda pants pattern by Chopstix lately and I haven’t tried it yet so this might be the right occasion to try it.

Let’s see if I can have my cheeky monkey wardrobe ready but the end of the Kids clothes week!


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