My 2013 in sewing (and some new year resolutions)

Every time I start a blog, I seem to be unable to write as many posts as I would.
So, since it’s time to make some new year resolution, I’ll have “blogging more” among my top 3.

1. Run more! I used to run, years ago, last summer I decided to try power walking but after a few months I wanted to run again so I started the new year using Rundouble Couch25K app. Yesterday I did Week 1 day 1 which was easy enough for me as I’m not really a couch potato LOL:  5 minutes warm up, 60 sec running 90 sec briskly walking repeated 8 times, then 5 minutes cool down. I’m also signing for a 5k in March, so that I’ve got something to look for and keep me motivated

2. Sew in a more organized way! Honestly, I sew quite a lot but I’m not really organized so I end up having a lot of UFOs; at the moment I’ve got a Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress ready to be cut, I put together fabric and pattern and notions about one month ago but then decided to make a reindeer, and a bag, and 3 pouches and a doll and a few infinity scarves until I realized (like… now!) that in less than one week I’ll go back to work and I’ve only one pair of wearable trousers left. No way I’m wearing dresses in the freezing northern Italy winter climate. Lady Skater will have to wait! Today I’ll start with cutting two Jalie jeans 2908. I’m using a stretch denim in blue and a stretch corduroy in black. I’ve already used this pattern and the result was pretty good, I just needed some minor adjustments

3. Blog more! I really want to blog about my sewing achievements, to keep track of what I do, share pattern reviews and pictures. Ehm… pictures. I’m a terrible photographer so even though I sew a lot, I never want to blog about it because my pictures are so ugly. So I’m going to put more effort in learning how to take better pictures and try to blog more. Let’s say, at leas twice a month. Promise!

For now, anyway, even though my pictures are really terrible, I still want to post  some of the things I made during 2013. Here you go….

First of all I managed to participate in the Red Velvet Sewalong; I was in the Esme house and we won! It was really exciting to sew together with so many lovely ladies and I decided to buy the Hummingbird top and skirt with the voucher I won. I made a Hummingbird top already, it was a muslin but it’s so lovely so I’m making another one soon and show it!

This is my Red Velvet dress muslin, if it wasn’t for the sewalong I’d dumped it because it looked horrible at first but with the lovely ladies help I managed to make something wearable.


Some biscuit and doughnut cushions I made to order a few months ago. I’ve wanted to make a couple for our couch ever since but I can’t seem to have the time. I used a self drafted pattern.




Little red riding hood costume for Carnival, chosen by my daughter. To make this costume I used some red fleece for the cape (free pattern from Fleecefun) and for the pants (Easy fit pants by Scientific Seamstress). The dress is the aglan shift dress by Whole Grain Baby, I had a negative experience with them as I had to file a claim with Paypal to get my patterns and many people had the same experience or didn’t receive anything at all after paying so I wouldn’t suggest it, but the dress is cute nonetheless and after Carnival my daughter used it a lot



A doll I made for a lovely little girl whose name is Eva.  I used the Schoolgirl doll pattern by Dolls and Daydreams.




The beautiful Red Velvet Clutch by Cake Patterns.

I used some Dr Who themed fabric I got from Spoonflower

CAM00773 CAM00772 CAM00770

Infinity scarf made for my daughter, she loves it so much that she asked me to make two more for her friends, I used a tutorial found online ages ago but I can’t remember which one, sorry!

CAM00788  CAM00783 CAM00776

A reindeer I made as Christmas decoration; I’ve got a cute reindeer I bought when I lived in Dublin and we always put it on the windowsill at Christmas so I made her a companion 🙂 I used a Funky Friends Factory pattern, I love Pauline’s patterns, the end result is always so professional!

CAM00803 CAM00797

A “look alike” doll I made to order; this is for a 21 years old girl, from her mom, I love making it, using a Dolls and Daydreams pattern, the Rainbow Baby Doll.  I designed her hair, jumper, pants and boots and painted her face with pencils, isn’t she lovely? 🙂

minimeLast but not least, my favourite handbag ever. I made this using a pattern from Lisa Lam, the Hot piping hobo bag, which can be found in her first book “The bag making bible”. If you don’t have this book, you really should buy it, I learnt so much from it. The fabric is a Dr Who themed one I also got from Spoonflower, unfortunately is not available anymore, I bought one meter only and I wish I had more.