The most productive month of my sewing life

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I would sit less in front of the computer (despite the fact that I said I would write at least a weekly blog post) and more in front of my sewing machine. For some reasons, while my new year resolutions are usually well forgotten by the second week of the year, this time I stick to it.

It’s January 29 and I managed to sew and FINISH:

– one pair of stretch corduroy jeans. I used a lovely pattern I found in an Italian magazine, La Mia Boutique, from last summer. I traced the pattern in August and let it sit untouched until now. You never know, they might improve with time, like wine LOL

– one pair of Jalie 2908 jeans. The size I used last winter to make my first pair in stretch denim was a bit too big so I figured that using a non stretch denim in the same size would make my jeans perfect. Boy, I was WRONG! They fit almost fine around my bottom, ok at the waist but I can barely bend because they are so tight around my thighs. I went back running and I might have lost a couple inches here and there so who knows, maybe I will be able to wear them in a month or so, otherwise I’ll give them away. I’m planning to make another pair in STRETCH denim soon (soon can mean anything, but you know that, don’t you?)

– a t-shirt using the Blank Canvas Tee pattern. I already used this pattern last year to make the April hack t shirt which is lovely, now I wanted something to wear with my jeans and a cardigan, it turned out nice but due to poor fabric recovery the neck band is a bit loose. Ca I live with that? I can! Also because the fabric I used had a series of misfortunes. I love this pattern because it really is a blank canvas, easy to hack, nice and quick to sew as is. I also love the fabric and I got some more I’m using to make a Lady Skater dress.

As you can see my pictures haven’t improved LOL but hopefully you can see that the fit is perfect and the length too.


Here’s a close-up of the fabric, I love it so much that I bought some more and I’m making a Lady Skater dress with it.


– A Penny Pinafore Tunic. I had not enough fabric to make a dress and honestly I wouldn’t use it any time soon because it’s too cold. I had some camo print viscose jersey which I wanted to use to make a long sleeve t shirt.  I had just enough fabric to make a Penny Pinafore tunic so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, I’m in love! The design is lovely and I can’t wait to make a dress, I’m wearing it all the time with my corduroy jeans (also in the picture) and I think it’s really flattering


– A Cocoa shrug, using a moss green fleece that I intended to layer over my new Penny tunic. I don’t have a picture of it because even though I chose my usual Cake Patterns size (40 cup D) it turned out to be too small on the front and I can’t close it so next time I’ll go up a size. Even so I love the design and the fact that it’s quick(ish) to stitch and it only requires a yard of fabric or less, depending on size and sleeve length.

I also made a super hero cape and a Spiderman mask for one of my daughter’s little friend who invited her to his party (she was the only girl at the party, my little Tom boy). when we arrived at the party it turned out that the party boy was wearing his Spiderman costume but it came without a mask! For the cape I traced my pattern directly on fabric, I had some blue satin and red cotton, I traced a circle using a plate on red felt and hand draw the boy’s initial on blue felt.
For the mask I used this tutorial from Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts



I made an Inset zip pouch by Keyka Lou in black and red (the pattern is now retired) and a 4 pockets skirt bag by Michelle Patterns using the corduroy remnant from my jeans and a red cotton lining. I stitched the last two for a showcase that will happen in February so I can’t show you any picture yet,  I secretly hope I won’t sell the bag (don’t tell hubby though). If I have enough time I would like to add a wallet to the collection.

On my sewing table at the moment there is a Lady Skater dress already cut so hopefully I’ll have this one more dress stitched by the end of January.

For February I already planned to sew a Hummingbird skirt in printed corduroy and a matching Hummingbird top, a Tiramisu dress, a new pair of Jalie jeans in STRETCH denim and a Penny pinafore dress, I also bought the Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern last week and can’t wait to stitch one, I love this kind of cardigans.

I used to sew more for my daughter than for me but at this time of the year she’s got enough to wear and I won’t have to make anything until March, at least, so I can do some selfish sewing!Sewing mojo, please, don’t die on me 🙂